Official chef@thebestchefawards Chef Giorgio Diana was launched into the world’s spotlight when he joined Shane’s Restaurant, Restaurant Acetaia and Restaurant Facile which are all recognized establishments. His vision and hard work earned him the highest culinary honor at the age of 24, making him one of the best chefs in the world.

Here’s the story of how a normal Italian boy went on to become one of the most celebrated chefs in the world.

Q1: How did you get into the culinary arts? What were your early influences?

When I was a young boy I used to be alone at home from 3-6pm. I used to come back from school hungry and started dabbling with cooking to feed myself. Experimenting with meat, fish and fruits became my favourite quite quickly. I used to cook beef tenderloin and eat it with banana. My curiosity for cooking turned into a passion and soon enough I took the decision to go to culinary school.

Q2: Why did you choose this profession?

For me cooking is not a joke, a job or something trivial. It is a deep passion that drives me. I say with the utmost sincerity that working in the kitchen for 17 hours straight is something I enjoy. We give more and more and more to our work and you forget what we have sacrificed. Our lives are dedicated to this job and mostly we tend to miss out on other important facets of life. I have no interests outside of this kitchen. My team and I constantly work towards keeping the restaurant busy and full with customers. I am most happy when my restaurant is full. Like I said previously, I don’t consider this as a job and cooking really is my love so I bar no regrets or grievances and am really happy with how my life turned out.

Q3: What are a few bumps that you have encountered on your way to success?

Like I said, not being directly credited for your work, accomplishments and awards is a true challenge. Otherwise I would say it is the dedication that is required to make it big in this field and be successful.

Q4: What have you planned for the future?

I plan to find a way to stay on in Cairo. It really is a pleasure working in this dynamic city which is a food paradise and has people of all kinds and origins coming in to eat.

Q5: If you had to pick your top ingredients, which ones would you say they are?

I love vegetables. It is my one-stop staple. Just because I can do so much with it. Create such a diverse umbrella of flavours and textures. The options are infinite. I believe that if you give me some vegetables I can accomplish anything with them.

Q6: How do you put your signature on your creations? What is the one element that makes your dish a classic Giorgio special?

My specialty is the dessert that I served today- chocolate tagliatelle with lamb ragu and wild fruit and crème. It was established as my signature almost 7 years ago, I made it for a couple of competitions in Germany which I won only because of my dessert. Nobody has incorporated meat into their dessert and my uniqueness served me well. In Italy, pasta is the core ingredient in dishes and I thought why not do something different where I made pasta the dessert. I was delighted when it was received well.

Q7 : What The Best Chef Awards means to you? Does it push you to be better?

The Best Chef Awards for me is the result of the hard work that we all do during the year. I’m so proud to be this year the official chef of The Best Chef Awards.

Q8: What do you think about Balkan cuisine? Which part we should work more on it?

Balkan cuisine is amazing! In my point of view Balkan cuisine don’t need a change. Every country have their tradition. We all know that the customers eat first with eyes, so the presentation have to be done in a properly way . The taste have to be perfect in all case, that’s why a chef is a chef , otherwise if the taste is not good we can’t call him a chef.

Q9: As a culinary judge, do you have any advice to the competitors?

My advice is to do what you love and love what you do always with love & passion. If you follow it you can be sure that you gonna be successful.

Q10: What do you think about our association and our culinary competitions?

HoReCa association Kragujevac is very professional association and it’s related to many great projects and good chefs, and I like vision and effort you are giving. Last year I have been invited to the “Gastro Cup Serbia“ in Novi Sad, I can tell you that this competition is well prepared and organized. You can find lots of masterclasses, presentations and chef talk panels,  I really loved it. Hope to see you all this year in Novi Sad!

Part of the interview is used from hotel&rest: Interview with the MS Chef Giorgio Diana

Courtesy of Hotel&Rest