Ingredients (served for 6 persons)
• 4 tablespoons of oil
• 3 onions
• 3 cloves of garlic
• 2 tablespoons of
ground paprika
• a whole Tóalmási smoked raw trotters (soaked in water for an overnight before cooking so the food will not get too salty)
• 2 bay leaves
• salt
• 60 dkg dry pinto
beans (soaked
in water for an
overnight before
cooking as well)
• 2 dl sour cream
For the pinched
• 2 eggs
• salt
• around 15 dkg

1. Heat some oil in a caldron. Sauté the finely sliced onion and crushed garlic on it.
2. Add the paprika and a little water and boil it. Pour 2 liters of water more, than
add the trotters. Season with bay leaves and some salt. Cook the trotters to
semi-soft. If the water evaporates, add some more.
3. In the meantime prepare the dumplings: crack the eggs into a bowl. Add
a pinch of salt and the amount of flour it takes in to become a pasta. Take
pinches of the pasta and put them on a floured tray.
4. When the meat is semi-cooked add the beans to your pot and if necessary respice
the food. Cook it fine.
5. Just before the soup is ready add the little pieces of pasta and cook it for
another few minutes.
6. At serving add some sour cream to the top of the soup. Chili peppers fit the
plate as well.